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02-15-2015, 21:43
This forum has little activity, But thought id suggest a couple of books.
Cheap on kindle $3, and entertaining.
Also relevant to the AT in gsmnp.

What im referring to is the "Bear in the backseat" books (1 and 2) by a gsmnp employee, short stories about primarily bear happenings in the park, but also poachers, orphan bear rescues, problem bears, nighttime hog hunting by rangers, stupid tourists, and just other interesting stories told by park rangers. Lots of stuff that takes place on the AT. Theres a third book called bear bloopers as well. Same content.

gives a lot of insight into bear behaviors when get accustomed to people, and the way the park deals with it.

There are free samples of a couple of the books.

Of couse, if you dont like reading about bears trapped in bathrooms with tourists ,eating cookies from tourists mouths, bears outsmarting rangers and biologists, or problem bears even relocated hundreds of miles away and keep returning home, you might not enjoy it.

02-15-2015, 22:19
I had a bear in my backseat once -- car camping in the Deleware Water Gap.

I wish I had more stories. Those books sound good.

No Directions
02-15-2015, 23:43
I have read both of those books numerous times. Very entertaining read.