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02-19-2015, 02:03
We will be going to Baxter and Attempting Katahdin via the Hunt Triail in mid June.......

- I Plan on taking a small backpack with water, PB jelly, Candy, lighter, flashlight, map, compass and Cameras yes cameras...My trail name is Megapixel.....
- How Much water should each Person Bring?
- How often do they update the weather at the ranger station
- Katahdin Stream Parking do I need to reserve?
- What are some of the highlights of the Hunt Trail?

? about Baxter
- What are some must see spots in the Park?
- How Crowded is Katahdin or Baxter this time of Year?
- Is there still spring flowers in mid June?
- What Kind of wildlife (any good places to see Moose?)
- What Bugs are out this time of year?

Any Advise or answers to these ?'s will be greatly appreciated...........

02-19-2015, 07:02
Very simple, the park may not even be open in Mid june and the trails to the summit could be limited. No need to reserve parking as the black flies are so bad not many sane people go there (except for optimistic southbounders). Do yourself a big favor and head there mid July or later.

Definitely add cold weather gear, Mittens, wool Hat fleece and no cotton. It may be 70 degrees on the summit one day and 40 the next.

Moose are all over the park. Yes there are spring flowers but given the mature softwood canopy you don't see many. Possibly at Nesowadnehunk field.

The weather is updated daily at the gate, the days are rated, if it not a class 1 day don't climb the mountain, Class 2 its likely cloudy wet and miserable and Class 3 they close the mountain.

If you want to spend time in Maine in Mid June got to Acadia National Park. Its far more pleasant in the spring. its on the ocean so its weeks ahead of what you will find at Katahdin.

02-19-2015, 21:58
You will have to pay the out of state day use fee to enter the park. Go to the park website to get all the official info.

Highlights of the Hunt trail?
Mile 2.7 The Cave, small rock slab cave
2.8 Emerge from trees and begin very rough climb through the Boulders.
3.0 Begin very steep and rough climb up spur
3.6 Reach top of spur and The Gateway, granite stones marking entrance to the Tableland
4.2 Reach Thoreau Spring (stop to replenish water)
4.4 Begin moderate climb up last rocky slope towards Baxter peak
5.2 Reach Baxter peak, highest point of "Katahdin" Take a deep breath and say "now we got to go back down all that?"

Figure it might take you as much as 5 hours to climb those 5 miles, so bring a flash light! Also keep in mind going down can more more dangerous and take longer then going up as your tired and your knees are starting to wobble.

TJ aka Teej
02-19-2015, 23:43
Katahdin Stream Falls, Slo-go!
I think visitors shouldn't have a problem with their west-side reservations, pb.