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02-19-2015, 15:00
I'm sure this forum already exists somewhere on whiteblaze but I wanted to ask for help. I'm looking to buy a down jacket for a thru hike starting in March 2016. Here is what I'm looking for:

- I'm 5'11, 180lbs so a medium or a large jacket
- Down (but am open to synthetic if good quality)
- A hood (but not required)
- No more than $100
- New or used (if in good shape)

I'm constantly looking on craigslist and various other sales on line...but was hoping to get some suggestions on good quality light-wieght packable down jackets for backpacking.

Thanks for all your help!

02-19-2015, 15:10
Montbell ul down parka is my favorite piece of gear.....look for a good late season sale...closer to $175 nee

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02-19-2015, 15:10

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02-19-2015, 15:36
I got my MontBell UL Down Jacket new at Next Adventure, Portland, OR.

I may have been the previous year color. It was new. It wasn't $100.

I go to the store every time I am at the west coast.

There are stores that take end of season stock and sell online.

02-19-2015, 15:54
I recently purchased a Montbell UL Down Jacket no hood bare minimum Gun Metal large for $108.46 free shipping at 8.30 oz. I am 6ft 190 and it is just right but would work for 180 lbs as well. It was an Amazon Wishlist item that came from Backcountry.com.

If I had not found this one on sale, I would probably have purchased a Uniqlo Down Jacket that range from sale price of $29 depending on size/color combination up to $79 regular price. These are the cheapest down jackets but seem to be working for a lot of hikers.

Good luck in the search.

02-19-2015, 17:25
Mont bell ul down or thermawrap. Enough said !

02-19-2015, 17:35
Both, if you can. MontBell Thermawrap for hiking. Mont Bell UL Down for stopping and in camp.