View Full Version : Sleeping Bag for a very tall hiker

02-19-2015, 16:13
Anyone have experience with the Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 600, 600 Down, 2lb 14oz rated at 16 degrees, Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 2.5 Synthetic, 3lbs 6oz rated at 24 degrees, or the Kelty Tri-Logic, 800 DryDown, 2lbs 4oz, rated at 20 degrees. This is for a 6'8" hiker, so my selection of available bags is more limited. He is a warm sleeper and we plan to start the end of Feburary or the begining of March in 2017. $350-400 is my max budget for his bag.:confused:

02-19-2015, 16:41
You might want to look at a custom 20 quilt, extra long, from a company like Hammock Gear or Enlightened Equipment. They will both make the quilt as long as you want - you just have to talk to them about the exact specs you want.