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02-23-2015, 00:04
When I became seriously interested in the AT in 2010 I bought a set of maps and guidebooks, 1/2 price. The maps are good, much better to see a real map, instead of just the elevation grid. They also show where the towns are, real important when thinking about resupply and such. Like which road and which direction to get into town. The guidebooks have very detailed info about the trail, mentions just about every twist and turn on the trail. I can't imagine getting lost if you have a guide book. I will carry the Awol book. But for example the the Pennsylvania book weighs 7 oz, the maps about 4 oz. some sections are smaller but not a lot. The maps are well worth the wt. but I think the guide book probably not.
Your thoughts and opinions?

02-25-2015, 16:17
Tear the guide book up into chunks, and just bring what you need, mail yourself the rest. I never needed a map to find towns and such because the guide book tells you where they are.