View Full Version : Shuttle List for Waynesboro

Saluki Dave
11-02-2005, 22:36
Does anybody have access to the shuttle list for Waynesboro mentioned in several threads? I'll be up there Friday 11/10 and would like a shuttle from Rockfish Gap to Loft Mountain so I can hike back to my car. Thx for the help.

Red Hat
11-03-2005, 14:03
Bill Gallagher from Rockfish Gap can probably give you the list. He is on it along with a lot of other Angels from Waynesboro. VAHawker@aol.com I'm keeping his Trail Angel card since he shuttled me several times.

You can also contact Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church which has a hostel during the main hiking season. They also had the list posted. gracelc@cfw.com

Saluki Dave
11-03-2005, 22:32
Thanks for the lead. I looked up the Rockfish Gap Visitor's Center online (540-943-5187) and a nice fellow there read a couple of names off the list for me. Seems like there would be a "master list" of shuttles up and down the trail somewhere, but maybe that would cause headaches....

Jack Tarlin
11-03-2005, 23:00
There's a great "master list" at www.atconf.org for the whole trail; it lists several folks in Waynesboro. Go to the "Plan a Hike" section and you'll see a section there on "Getting to the Trail" that includes the shuttler list.

Pam Bennett
11-04-2005, 15:28
I am on that Waynesboro Trail Angel Network list and keep a copy around all the time. I am usually not available during the week as I work pretty far from Rockfish Gap, but if you e-mail, I can make suggestions of other shuttle drivers. I agree, Bill Gallagher is a good one to try. Waynesboro boasts about 26 people who do this stuff year round. We love AT Hikers! pingg62@yahoo.com

Remember to pay that good trail magic forward. It will come back around to you I promise!