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03-01-2015, 22:32
I'm planning my start to be mid February 2016 I'll be 20 then but being a girl I don't want to hike alone. I'm trying to find some people to get to know over the next year to hopefully be able to hike with next year!

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Old Hiker
03-01-2015, 23:06
Greetings, Marraashley !

Welcome to WhiteBlaze !!

If you search through all the threads here on WB, you will find that you will probably NOT be walking alone. I'm starting 29 Feb 2016 (second try). I was pretty much passed by everyone. Lots of people if you want. Walk past the crowd if you want.

The partner you meet here on WB may hike slower or faster than you, so don't worry.

12-29-2015, 15:05
We started in late Feb last year I would wait until April. It snowed or rained until almost April cold and wet sucks
My wife and I will be out again this year. Let me know if we can help