View Full Version : Flip-Flopping From Harpers Ferry?

03-03-2015, 14:39
I am participating in ATC's Harpers Ferry Head Start Flip-Flop Kick-Off Activities May 2nd, and will head north May 3rd.

Two things for those who will flip-flop from Harpers Ferry:

1. If you're like me and plan to attend the kick-off and depart May 3rd, or just plan to depart May 3rd, let's connect by replying to this thread.

2. Regardless of when you start your Harpers Ferry Flip-Flop, make sure to stop by the ATC before you depart--the folks there want to get your picture when you start and when you return. Harpers Ferry flip-floppers are the only ones to get their pictures taken twice.

See you on the Trail,

03-03-2015, 14:42
WillPoe there is already a thread going on this.