View Full Version : Directions and conditions of FS road #42?

03-03-2015, 16:03
I am picking up my brother at FS 42 in the next few days as he completes a southbound section from Unicoi Gap to Springer Mtn. I will meet him .9 mile before reaching Springer Mtn. where the trail crosses FS 42 at the parking area. Can someone provide for me the specific directions from Dahlonega, Ga. to FS 42 Parking area and the condition of the road due to all the ice and snow? Can a two-wheel vehicle travel in and out or is a four-wheeled vehicle needed? Much thanks!

Harrison Bergeron
03-03-2015, 16:52
When I called the Hike Inn in Fontana to arrange my shuttle back to Springer, Jeff told me FS42 is closed and even if it reopens in time for my April hike, he quit going there last year due to the terrible condition of the road, which was tearing up his vehicle. I'm trying to decide whether to repeat the Approach trail or skip ahead to Gooch.

03-03-2015, 16:59
Using Google maps, copy and past this.

34.637516, -84.195394 That is, more or less, the location of the parking lot you are talking about. Then hit directions and type in Dahlonega, Ga.

As for 2 vs 4 wheel. Under normal conditions 2 wheel is enough although there is some bumpy sections. Relatively easy passable with 2 wheels. However, given current conditions (it appears most of the snow has finally melted), the roads still appear to be a mess. I wouldn't attempt it any time soon with a 2 wheel vehicle.

My source of information is pictures from facebook of this and other forest roads. No personal experience with current conditions.

If he has an extra day, tell him to keep hiking south to Amicalola Falls. It is an easy pick up for you.

03-03-2015, 17:21
There are two routes up to the parking lot. You want the one which comes in from the west side, some distance from the state park. Two years ago I had a friend drive me up there and we made the mistake of taking the east side route. It was desperate and had it not been for having an AWD Subaru we would have been stuck on the side of a mountain with no way forward or back. The track was barely wide enough for the car in some places. The road was more suitable for goats and cows then cars. I still can't believe we made it up there.

03-03-2015, 21:30
I'm not sure of the current conditions, but +1 for entering Springer MT parking area on the west side with a car. You can get directions at the gift shop inside Amicalola Falls SP if needed.