View Full Version : Ride to Springer

03-03-2015, 22:35
I live in the Tampa Bay FL area
If anybody needs a ride from Central Florida to the Amicalola Falls SP after 3/15/15
I have a mini van that will hold 3 more ppl + gear
The ride is a gift
Lemme know

03-03-2015, 22:53
I live in St. Augustine and was planning on starting on the 18th and still trying to decide how I want to get there. Which route are you taking? I would love to take you up on the ride and can meet somewhere along your route.

03-03-2015, 22:59
I can pick you up there
It's 3.5 hours from here to St A
I'm going to Amicalola to reconnect w/ me
Lemme know

03-04-2015, 15:01
I sent you a private notification.