View Full Version : James River/Shenadoah/Three Ridges wilderness areas suggestions........

03-04-2015, 22:47
howdy friends..........

wonderin if anyone can recommend me a route in either of those wilderness areas?

one night (maybe 2 nights), give or take 10 to 15 miles total.............maybe a loop or easy way to get back to my car.....

or if one can suggest another wilderness area along interstate 81......


03-04-2015, 23:04
Park at 4 Pines Hostel. Get Joe to shuttle you north and walk back to your car. Great area.

03-05-2015, 00:56
Three Ridges is already a nice 12-14 mile loop: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/ThreeRidges/
It's not mentioned in the Hiking Upward page but you can park off route 56 where the AT crosses it at the Tye River. That avoids any Blue Ridge Parkway closings. Toss in the Priest if you want some bonus miles and elevation. Crabtree Falls is just up the road too though that's hard to work into a loop.

The Cold Mountain/Mount Pleasant double loop can get you about 10-12 miles as well. That's more like a figure 8 with your car in the middle. http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/ColdMountain/

There quite a few excellent brew pubs nearby on Route 151 as well if you're into that kind of thing. I'm rather fond of Devil's Backbone.

03-05-2015, 00:59
Closer to I-81 is Ramsey's Draft which can be a nice loop as well, especially if you like getting your feet wet: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/RamseysDraft/

03-10-2015, 17:23

03-10-2015, 17:25
thanks for all the suggestions (and keep them coming as im always looking for new places)....

looks like ill be doing the three ridges area........


03-10-2015, 17:32
when will you be going? My meetup group is going soon, and they'd love to have you along.


03-10-2015, 21:56
looks like ill be going up (or rather coming down) to that area on the weekend of my birthday---march 21st...

not sure what my exact plans are right now----other than i want to spend at least a night in a tent as its been a while...

and, ive been in a really bad head space as of late---so not sure how social i'll be...

or maybe thats what i need to reverse this headspace......

Pastor Bryon
03-13-2015, 01:00
+1 to Rocky Row. You can also do Punchbowl to James River Bridge (~11 miles). Did this last fall, several nice grassy spots on the ridge about halfway. I'd be glad to help you out with directions or a shuttle if you need it, just lemme know.