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11-03-2005, 14:41
Anyone have any experience with Scottish long distance trails? I know the Great Glen Way is new and popular and there are a few that all conclude at Fort William after 70-100 miles. I'm considering doing one of them in the late spring/early summer but I'm a bit worried about the weather.


11-03-2005, 16:02
I hiked a bit around Ben Nevis in 92. But nothing long distance. There is an older hiker named "Batch" who has done a lot of hiking there. If you are an ALDHA member, look him up in the book and give him a call. I bet he'd be glad to give you info. I don't think you can rely on the weather there to be anything stable. It was cold and rainy most days when i was there.

11-03-2005, 16:31
I hiked the West Highland Way (Glasgow to Fort William) with two of my kids six or seven years ago. Fabulous scenery; you can do it the hard way (camping) or the easy way (van support and/or staying in hotels with lots of restaurant meals), or a combination of the two. There are some variations on the the route, such as the WHW, High Route. We hiked at the end of May. Only had bad midge problems one evening; only had one day of rain. We were lucky. Don't skimp on warm and waterproof clothing.