View Full Version : Rain Jacket with Gore-Tex

03-08-2015, 21:00
Hello All,
I am searching for a rainjacket to go over my down insulating jacket. Since I am mostly week-end hiking, I usually do not hike when it is raining hard since I cancel whenever the weather looks bad. I look at a rainjacket as an "occasional layer" that will be packed most of the time. So I want something really small but breathable.

Having tried the Helium II, Marmot Precip and many other at REI, I feel that Gore-Tex jackets are the more comfortable ones because they seem to stick less to the skin. Besides, using this guide, Gore-Tex is a good balance of breathability and waterproof.


I have also noticed that Gore-Tex rainjacket seem more "rigid" and less prone to noise when moving arms. The ubiquitous and cheaper Marmot Precip is very noisy when I walk in the store. However, it packs tiny and in its own pocket. I love that.

What have stopped me from getting a Gore Tex jacket so far is that they never seem to be packable in their own pocket. I have yet to find a good one with a double zipper pocket that acts as a carrying bag. Is this an issue with Gore-Tex material? An engineering issue? Or have I just not found the one.

Any advice?