View Full Version : Whats the outlook on hitching a ride from Gainesville to Amicalola Falls?

Dirty Harry
03-09-2015, 12:27
I will Be getting into Gainesville around 10:30am on the 24th. Thinking about a hitch to Amicalola Falls. Any perspective on that?

Lone Wolf
03-09-2015, 13:51
i've done it to and from amicalola. different years. didn't have a problem

03-09-2015, 14:43
the hikerhosel in Dalhonega.. will shuttle hikers from either the amtrack station in Gainsville, GA or the Atlanta airport. They've also got a thru hiker special. www.hikerhostel.com I think is their web address.

Dirty Harry
03-09-2015, 21:30
Thanks Lone Wolf. Only feels right to start this hike with a hitch….and to save some funds i suppose. It's been a while, I'm not sure if you remember me but you where one of the first persons to introduced me to the world of long distance running talking about the Mountain Masochist in Dots. An inspiring conversation…..its almost become my job out here racing ultras in Colorado. If I see you in Damascus the first round will be on me.