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03-09-2015, 13:00
I've found that with the absence of two members that everyone knows and who shall remain nameless (they were/are very opinionated and posted obsessively here) that the atmosphere is so much more pleasant. I'm glad they are gone.

There's a long distance hikers facebook page that I have belonged to for a while until the libertarian types pretty much took it over.. including one of those not to be named individuals I speak of above. So I just deleted the group.

With a kinder gentler whiteblaze atmosphere.. it appears the moderators are a little less busy and might even be getting some hiking in! :)

I've also found that it's easier and much more pleasant to not engage with the argumentative types or those with really extreme views. Nothing will change them. There are plenty of pleasant quality folk here on WB that I can give my attention to them by being judicious on what and where I post.

I might even start hanging out here a bit more often!


03-09-2015, 13:28
I know we lost some good members in the past because of few negative people here but it's the same on just about every internet site, My free guitar teacher on youtube just called it quits because nonsense threats to his family. Crazy world today.

03-09-2015, 16:14
Wow way to replace their negativity with your own smug negativity. Thank god those a-holes aren't here, and let's just insult everyon eof the libertarian persuasion cause F them really. and those like them I guess. What exactly is the libertarian type anyway? and what is the difference between a libertarian and a libertarian type, also *** ideology makes you so much nicer to be around? Or maybe we talk about hiking instead of talking smack about people.

03-09-2015, 16:35
I kinda agree with Donde. The best thing to do is to ignore posters that irritate you. It's irritating when people put down others, for any reason.

03-09-2015, 17:28
We appreciate the sentiments concerning the tone of the website. It is likely that the thread will steer towards a discussion of bans in place and we don't make a practice of doing that so the thread has been closed.