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03-09-2015, 22:04
Looking at hiking from Lewis Mountain to Thorton Gap this summer over three days. Day 1 Lewis Mt to Big Meadow, Day 2 Big Meadow to Skyland, Day 3 Skyland to Thorton Gap. Anyone done this before? Ideas for parking? Is there somewhere to park at Thorton Gap then get a ride back to Lewis Mountain to start hike and finish at car? Other options? Thanks for any suggestions.

03-09-2015, 23:34
No parking at Thorton Gap, but there is parking at most of the trailheads, it will show it on your maps if you have them. If I was yu I would park at Lewis Mtn hike to Thorton Gap, and hitch skyline back to my vehicle. While you are in the area see if you can squeeze in a hike up Old Rag, and hit a couple of wineries (Chester Gap, and Rappahanock Cellers would be good choices.) Have a good hike.

03-09-2015, 23:52
> Is there somewhere to park at Thorton Gap ... ?

At Thorton Gap is an area known as "Panorama." It used to be a hotel and meeting place. It's now just a parking lot with flush toilets, water, and info kiosks.

Here's some info on parking at that area. That "MalteseCross" guy is me.

Summing up, there are two parking areas near Thorton Gap.
The entrance to one is along Skyline Drive.
The entrance to the other (the "lower" one) is along US Highway 211. I did not see any notice of cost to park there, but that does NOT mean there isn't any.
Near the Wheelchair Parking Spaces (on the west side) of the upper lot is a spur trail that leads to the A.T.

Follow up.
This URL
links to a GoogleMaps{R} view of the Thorton Gap area.
The parking area with an entrance from Skyline Drive is the "upper" lot.
The parking area with an entrance from U.S. Highway 211 is the "lower" lot.
The west side of the upper lot has the short spur trail to the A.T.
The building on the entrance road between Highway 211 and Skyline Drive is the entrance station for the Park.
You can obtain, and drop off, overnight permits here; even if the entrance has no personnel.

As to the second part of your question: I can't help you there.

03-10-2015, 08:18
I have done this hike a few times. I always Park at Thornton Gap (Panorama) and have had no issues. Look up Sharon Shuttles on the AT list if you need a shuttle or you can likely hitchhike fairly easy if it is a nice day.

03-22-2015, 15:10
Thank you!