View Full Version : Kovea Spider Remote Canister Stove

03-10-2015, 13:34
Kovea Spider Remote Canister Stove (http://kovea.com/product/spider/). Anyone use one of these? Mine arrived yesterday and I got a chance to check it out. I wanted a remote canister stove for better pot stability, use of a windscreen and the ability to invert the canister for cold weather use and getting that last bit of fuel out as the pressure dies. The stove preformed great. It will hold a simmer on low flame and kick up a roaring boil in no time. When the canister is inverted to liquid fuel the stove does quite well. You have very little flame control but in the conditions you'd need it adjust ability isn't an issue. I'm looking forward to getting out on the trail next week to give it a try in real world conditions.

03-10-2015, 16:11
I got one last year and am completely satisfied with it. I agree with everything you have said.

03-10-2015, 21:39
I have one and love it. It is amazing for the price.