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03-11-2015, 09:49
Hello all.

I currently have a Katadyn hiker Pro, and I am thinking that for a group that isn't the best choice for cleaning water fast. Would a gravity type water filter work better for a group larger than 2? I have been looking at


and then


I am not familiar with this type but would they be better?

03-11-2015, 10:16
If you think the Katadyn filter is slow, you'll need to take a nap waiting for a gravity filter to work. They are very, very slow. But at least you don't wear your arm off.

Just Tom
03-11-2015, 10:24
I find it so interesting that I hear that group filters are slow. I guess if you are stopping for a quick break mid hike and want to tank up on water then maybe you'd need it fast. But I created a gravity system with a 3L Big Zip, a Sawyer mini, a bit of tubing, and a collapsible water jug and had no problems with a group of 6. You simply fill the bladder and then go about your business setting up camp. Each time the jug fills you simple dispense water where needed (cooking pots, refilling bladders, etc) and refill. We did use a collapable water bucket to quickly fill the system and avoid bring the whole setup down to the water source. To each their ow, but for me its "what's the hurry"?

03-11-2015, 10:37
Those gravity feed systems are too expensive compared to building something yourself with a Sawyer Mini ($20 as WalMart) and an Evernew Water Carry (http://www.traildesigns.com/accessories/water-carriers). You need the Evernew for a dirty water because Platypus using a custom thread design that is not compatible with standard thread designs used be water bottle, Evernew, and Sawyer.

Sure, the filtering will be slow... but you can always take just the dirty water bag to the water source, bring it back to camp and let it filter into a clean bag while you do other things in camp. Another thing I've seen with gravity systems is to get a shutoff valve and use the system sort of like a faucet. BTW, the longer your hose, the more water pressure you will have to draw water out of the system. So as a good example, you could get a 2L Evernew water carry connected to a Sawyer Mini. Get a 4' to 6' hose from your local home care center (the medical type hose as its lighter and easier to deal with than the thick hose that comes with a Platypus Hoser). Then get an on-off valve at the end of the long hose.

The only "trick" is the fact that the threads on the Sawyer are "standard" threads, and platypus uses a custom thread design.

The only "trick" is that the Sawyer using "standard" threads and you

03-11-2015, 11:01
I like the Sawyer 4L system for groups larger than 2. I've never had a problem with gravity feed being too slow.

I use a sawyer inline filter with my bladder and I regularly gravity feed into other containers for cooking and spare clean water.

03-11-2015, 12:09
I have a hiking buddy who has the Sawyer gravity filter. I was so impressed with it, Santa brought me one and I'm excited to use it this year. I didn't think it was slow at all, and in camp especially, your water is just hanging there, ready to filter into your bottle, cup or pot.

03-11-2015, 15:53
I cut down a kitchen funnel to make it easier to fill the dirty water bag. The thread to tubing nipple adapters are $5 a pair. I also made a female to female adapter out of 2 water bottle caps, a hole in the center of each cap for a brass bolt, silicone for leaks, extra holes for water to seep through. A DIY gravity feed is fairly cheap and easy to do. Seriously consider the larger filter that comes with a 1/2 gal bag, A 1 pint bag just ain't gonna make it. for a group you'll want a bucket, less than 3 oz. If you make a 3ft adapter you can also use it for a shower. I'm probaply gonna use a smart water cap with several small holes drilled in it and use it as a shower spray. Water or Gatoraide during the day, shower at night.

I want to make a suggestion about water quality terminknowledgy
dirty water = water pulled out of a puddle or such, operative word dirt.
unfiltered water= water out of a spring or such, looks clear and clean, but might not be.
filtered water = water through your filter, operative word filter
treated water = water treated with aqua mira or such.

03-11-2015, 16:40
I have a diy gravity system that is way faster than any pump style out there. I have used it for about 8 years now and everyone loves it. I use a Sawyer but not the mini . It is the bigger one with a faster flow rate and filters equally as well. I made my dirty water bag from a sil dry bag and cut off two liter neck. Some tubing to the filter and then out with a camelback on/off spigot at the end. That way you have water on demand . When I hiked on the at in 09 everyone loved it because nobody ever had to pump. The dirty bag held enough for everyone camlping with me and then some. We dubbed it the dip and sip. It looks as if it was store bought and weighs ounces for the entire system. If you want some pics and how I made it I can send it your way. I can get some flow rates for you too because I don't remember them but it is fast and very effective. I had a write up on it here many Years ago. I will never go another route.

Feral Bill
03-11-2015, 20:28
I have seen Forest Service train crews using gravity filters. I don't know what kind though.

03-11-2015, 20:31
I believe the trail crews in the Smokies use a gravity system.

11-17-2015, 18:35
The Katadyn Vario. It weighs almost two pounds but it pumps outrageously fast, no bags to mess with.