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11-04-2005, 06:07
Has anyone tried this hand-cranked chager for phone or maybe digital camera?


11-04-2005, 06:16
Has anyone tried this hand-cranked chager for phone or maybe digital camera? http://members.shaw.ca/sidewindercharger/

Why not go "GREEN" & use SOLAR?
ck it out: http://www.solarproductsource.com/storehome.aspx?CategoryID=32&ItemID=PP12W

11-04-2005, 06:50
Howdy Jaybird -

I looked at several solar chargers. Even if I assumed plenty of sun they had three points that were a problem for me; Price, Weight, duration. Your link points to a $250 charger that weights in at 7 oz in the 6.5 watt which would require 2+ hours of direct sunlight for a cell phone. The 12 watt weights in at 13 oz but cuts duration. Yes I know there are others that are cheaper but none are cheap and effective compare to this thing

This hand cranked gizmo, at $19.95 and 2.5 oz beats solar on spec, IF it really works.

11-04-2005, 07:57
one could just build a charger......... i found this posted somewhere on the internet... its not my idea

I have received 4 requests about my "1/2 ounce solar charger" in the hour since I posted the request for info on ultralite radios! (no responses suggesting radios yet). This is a homebrew project and requires some basic electronics knowledge. I will describe the basic assembly and parts. This is not intended to be a detailed "how to" guide, but rather is provided to help someone with basic electronics and soldering skills visualize the project. The design is based on a PowerFilm solar cell available from Jameco Electronics http://snipurl.com/jamecosolarpanel Additionally here are a few more items: - schottky diode ( http://snipurl.com/jamecodiode ) - battery holder ( http://snipurl.com/jameco_2Xaa_holder ) - section of wire from a pair of headphones or phone cord (highly flexible) - rubber cement (I used an old spray can of automotive trip cement) - plastic sheet to use as backing for the solar cell. (I used a piece that was about 1/32" thick) - nylon wire tie 1. Cut the plastic sheet a little larger than the solar cell. I punched a few holes in the corners to use as tie-downs. Attach the solar cell to the plastic using the rubber cement. (or equivalent) 2. Using one side of the headphone wire connect the black lead of the battery holder to the negative terminal of the solar cell. (There are actually two conductors on each 1/2 of the headphone wire. I tied both conductors together to increase the ruggedness.) 3. Connect the diode to the positive side of the solar panel (white band away from the solar panel), and use some type of cement to tack the diode down to the plastic backing. 4. Connect the red terminal to the banded end of the diode with the other half of the headphone wire. 5. Punch another hole near where the wire exits the solar panel, and use the nylon wire tie to add a strain relief. (I looped the wire once through the wire tie.) Use NiMH batteries. I have found the charger replishes a set of NiMH AA 1600mA-h batteries in ~12 hours. That's the basics. cheers, terry

Frolicking Dinosaurs
11-04-2005, 08:13
I saw a Sprint ad on TV yesterday that mentioned a hand-cranked charger for cell phone -- anyone know anything about this? I would love to have a small hand-cranked charger for my camera, cell phone and that GPS thingy the male dino likes. ::: exercising self-restraint in not discussing men and their toys :D :::