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03-14-2015, 11:31
Looking for somekind of tracking options so family and friends can check my progress on the trail.
Anyone have options for me?
Thanks All - Happy Trails! :)

03-14-2015, 11:49
Look into the Delorme InReach. GPS, Satellite messaging, etc.

Not cheap, but you can turn plans on and off as needed and it's got a wide range of funtionality.

Or, just use a phone and text them. Verizon has pretty good coverage over a lot of the trail.

03-14-2015, 11:54
Don't the smart phone service providers have someway to keep tabs on kid and lost phones?

03-14-2015, 11:58
There are apps for smartphones that allow you to see where other people in your 'group' are provided that everyone has service. But they tend to eat batteries.

03-14-2015, 12:45
Looking for somekind of tracking options so family and friends can check my progress on the trail.
Anyone have options for me?
Thanks All - Happy Trails! :)

If you plan to hike in areas where there is no phone service then you probably will need a gps tracking device of some sort. I have Spot 3 which seems to work relatively well (although it is acting up from time to time - see my post here http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php/109250-Mt-Madison-(NH)-Rescue?p=1948604#post1948604 for more details). When I start my hike I send a custom message that I programmed to "Parked or Camped Here" so that my family knows where I left my car or where I set up a camp for the night. When I am done with the hike or when I start a hike next day I send out Ok message. Whenever I move I keep the tracking turned on and it sends out my location every 10 minutes via satellites, although no all message make it through. This way my family and friends can see on Spot web site where I am. The subscription is $150 year which is a bit cheaper than InReach. It is not as capable as InReach but I figured that this is enough functionality for me. I also runs on lithium or rechargable AAA batteries, so I can carry spares with me.

In case you decided to get Spot here is an extra tip: I shortened URL to my tracking page via goo.gl (Google address shortening service) and embed it in text messages / e-mails that get sent when press Custom or OK buttons - this way my family doesn't need to remember where my tracking page is - they can open it up directly from notifications.

03-14-2015, 16:10

Assuming you have an Android phone and want to send your location at certain points:

Share your location with Google MapsUsing Google Maps is at the top of this particular pyramid, as it's from here that you can select any of the messaging apps you have installed to deliver the address. Enter Google Maps and find the location you want, then press and hold on the area of the map which you wish to send. The Google maps red “pin” icon will drop onto the map, with the address below. Tap the address and the “save” or “share” options will become available. Tap ''share''. You should now be provided with a list of ways to share your location, just select the one you want to use, and then the conversation/recipient you wish to send it to.

Share your location with Messenger (SMS)
Location data can be easily shared using the stock Android messaging service too. Once again, go to the conversation within which you wish to share a location, hit the "paper clip" icon and tap location. You can then search for a location, or hit the GPS button to locate where you are automatically. When you hit "send" the recipient will receive the Google Maps ID for your location.