View Full Version : SOBO's need places to stay

11-04-2005, 17:22
RITBlake and myself are in Hiawassee, GA @ the library right now and were wondering if any WB members could hook us up with a place to stay...I know this sounds wicked pathetic but we are just curious if this will work, we have become slaves to our college student budget and can't really afford a hotel. If any one can help us out and put us up for a nite either in Hiawassee or somewhere else down the line we would be very greatful :)

you can call us @ 203 376 7732

Lone Wolf
11-04-2005, 17:36
How about the woods? It's very warm outdoors. You're almost done.

11-04-2005, 17:46
lol just what i was thinkn.... its even in the 70's as far north as Pa..

lookn 4 a loan?? i dont give freebies

Almost There
11-04-2005, 18:46
Guess their quest for donations didn't go as well as they wanted. It's beautiful down here, looking forward to hiking Unicoi to Dick's Creek tomorrow. My suggestion is to see if Blueberry Patch is open, that, or tenting always works!

11-04-2005, 18:51
Check your Pm's