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03-16-2015, 21:23
I have a family of 6 including 2 teenagers, a preteen and a toddler. While the whole family does not go every time I would like to get a lightweight 4 person tent to combine with my other shelters. I'm looking at the Tarptent Hogback.

Anyone have any experience with the Hogback?

03-17-2015, 21:55
Hi cj2874
I cannot help you with personal experience with the Hogback (Henry at Tarptent designed that for his own family use , him, wife, kid and dog) but have shot a video ironically called "Hogback set up and quick tour" (nearly 9 minutes long...) so you might just get a better idea of what it looks like .


03-17-2015, 22:08
Sorry, I forgot to add...
That video is me having some fun but I am with Tarptent
[email protected]

03-19-2015, 20:47
Thanks I have watched the video. It really shows the ease of setup and the roominess of the Hogback.

I guess my question should be what have other large families used on overnight or weekend trips.

03-23-2015, 19:30
I have three boys, the two older ones hike with me. They are 12 and 10. I carry all the tents and food. I use the TT Notch and they use a double rainbow. When my younger one starts coming with us I will get another double rainbow or the double moment looks good too.

03-23-2015, 21:35
My two oldest, 13 and 15, will be joining me this summer on the Georgia section of the AT. I was thinking about pulling the trigger on the Hogback and just taking it. We would usually carry a Kelty salida 2 and my tarp Bivy combo (total weight 5.5lbs). The Hogback comes in at 4lbs. Seems like it is a no brainer. Then later I want to add a zpacks duplex to the arsenal giving us room for 6 between the two and close to 6lbs for 6 people. My other two children are 10 and 4 so they would carry very little or nothing at all on weekend trips. I'm proud of my four year old we hiked a 5.5 mile section of the Florida trail over the weekend. He walked the whole way and loved every minute of it (no pack of course). He was complaining that we were done. He is going to thru hike with his old man when I retire!

04-01-2015, 17:44
I found a very extensive review, with loads of high quality photos , here :
Just to address the "hard to pack" bit, it needs to be done in a particular way to work.
(of course you could also get a larger stuff sack...)
To pack, spread the shelter on the ground so that is as flat as you can get it (that is the fabric is not bunched up in places)
Then you fold the fabric in to the size of the end struts.
At this point having placed the folded poles over the struts on one end , roll it over to the other end.
Same for all the other TT with built in struts.

04-17-2015, 19:07
Thanks for the input. Received delivery of my Hogback today. Appears to be a quality piece of equipment, but that is what I expected from Tarptent. I had them seam seal it for me which for me is a no brainer. I have set it up twice now in the last few hours. A little tricky at first to get a tight pitch but very easy on the second try. This is my first tent with struts. You are right Franco, it is a tight fit in that stuff sack. While I didn't shave any weight with this tent it will serve its purpose on our family trips. Again, thanks for the input.

04-18-2015, 03:28
I was at a local gear head meet today.
One family had the Hogback .
They have used it of many trips (their words) over the last four years and like it a lot.
Two adults and two children.
I set up a couple of TT shelters next to it just to show them.
There is me talking to a guy inside my Notch.
BTW, the Hogback owners had a small cinder hole in the fabric, they fixed that by painting some silicone over it.
It works for holes up to 2-3 mm.