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03-17-2015, 19:55
As much as I'd like to do a thru hike, it's just not in the cards right now. It does look like I'll be able to squeeze in a month and am looking at going from Springer to 25, probably in May. I don't mind a little company but not too much and am guessing May would land between the early Spring Break/NOBO crowds and the summer crowd.

I've done plenty of hiking but nothing on the AT. Does this sound like a manageable distance for a month hike? Transportation isn't an issue if I fall short or overshoot but that seemed like a good mental goal.

Im also guessing that an early May start means I can get by with a 30 bag but won't hit any real heat.

I've done a pile of research but just wanted some feedback from folks who have spent time out there. Awesome site, by the way. Tons of info on here.

Lone Wolf
03-17-2015, 20:05
to 25?......

03-17-2015, 20:16
US 25 and 70, Tanyard Gap

03-17-2015, 23:37
Why would you plan to stop in middle of nowhere, as opposed to say...hot springs?? It just complicates things.

Just start walking. May is great. Hot Springs is easy for a month. Erwin is possible too.

03-18-2015, 06:38
Thanks for the help. Hot Springs is what I was thinking, I'm playing around with a mileage calculator and was looking at the wrong 25/70. I'm sure I won't be interested in ending a month-long trip with a 10 mile hike out of town :)

03-18-2015, 11:45
In 30 days you could potentially make it all the way to Damascus, depending on your age and level of fitness, etc. There will probably still be a good number of people starting out in early May, lots of collage kids don't get out until then, but it won't be as insane as March and most of April. It will be getting plenty warm by May, as you likely know living in S.C.

03-18-2015, 13:09
I have a moderate to below avg fitness level. I sectioned Springer to Standing Bear Farms in 23 days. If I kept going, would have made Hot Springs in 25 days. Once you get to Hot Springs you can decide how much farther you want to go. You could always have them shuttle you ahead 3-5 days and hike SOBO back to Hot Springs.

The tough part about Sectioning is the exit strategy because you never know how far you'll get. If I was doing it over again and had one month, I would expect to get somewhere around Sams Gap (I-26), maybe to Erwin. You could wait until Hot Springs to finalize your exit plan. I also like to leave several days at the end to "reacclimate". I would not want to jump off the trail and head right back to work the next day. Stop a day or two early, hang out in a trail town, then head back to reality. :)

03-18-2015, 20:17
The tough part about Sectioning is the exit strategy because you never know how far you'll get.

You are in control of that. You can make yourself end up wherever you like.

Prudent to not overestimate abilities, and they may leave some extra off days in case want them. No shame in not hiking as far as you humanly can each day.

Better to plan 15mpd when you can do 20, than to plan 20 when you can only comfortably do 15.

You can always finish early. (unless travel arrangements prohibit that)