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03-21-2015, 10:10
Hi guys.

My name's Danny, from the U.K. My girlfriend and I are planning on filming a documentary on the AT while thru-hiking in 2016. The aim of the film will be to collect hikers stories and find out their motivations, what drives them to attempt a 2200 mile walk.. The project is in it's early stages we are still organising crowd funding and sponsorship deals but I'm interested in getting peoples views as early as possible.

The documentary is called The Thru-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. We've just set a blog up with more information on the project here. https://thethruhikersguidetothegalaxy.wordpress.com/

It will be great to hear from anyone planning a thru-hike next year, maybe we can even try to meet up for an interview if you have something to say, a good story or a good reason for being there, and the dates match up.

I'm interested to hear peoples reasons for trying this. It isn't cheap for most people, takes six months and is pretty damn hard. It has to be for more that bragging rights so, what makes you do it?

Also interested to hear from anybody who has done any filming on the AT, especially on a Thru-hike. What equipment did you use, special considerations etc..

Also if anybody knows of ways to contact individual volunteers who help with the upkeep of the trail. We really want to hear from them as well as they are a hugely important part of AT.

Looking forward to hearing from you