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The Cleaner
03-24-2015, 07:52
I stopped by there yesterday. (located 1.5 miles North of Allen Gap @Log Cabin Rd.) I wanted to tell them about a creepy guy that several hikers had told me about. He had spent at least 4 nights at Little Laurel shelter with his tent set up inside and was bumming food from hikers. He even told one hiker "that he really liked the tuna in foil packs". The last hikers I met before getting back to my truck said the he did finally pack up and they met him just south of the shelter. Some of you may have heard that the owner of HH, Hatie M.'s house next to the house had burned down a few month's ago. Well Chainsaw who helps Hatie told me of plans to rebuild and that the hostel and restaurant are "open w/full service" for hikers. As more hikers are on the trail this year some may find limited options in Hot Springs and might want to stop here for a zero or a meal.I'm sure any extra business might help in funding her rebuilding efforts so that she can keep the hostel open to help with any over crowding in Hot Springs and stay open to continue to serve hikers. There are some resupply foods and a few pieces of gear for sale too. She also accepts mail drops. :sun

03-24-2015, 08:23
Wonder if this guy could possibly be the one harassing a female hiker in the Hot Springs area? He was last seen heading back on the trail. If so, the rangers, ridgerunners are looking for him. I posted thread on here just as a note of warning to others on the trail in that area.