View Full Version : Brooks Cascadia 8s vs 9s vs 10s

03-24-2015, 21:14
I have been using the Brooks Cascadia 8s the past few years and am looking to pick up a new pair when the REI 20% off coupon is issued on Friday. Can any provide any experience on the 9s or 10s (looks like both are available online but I will see what my local REI has and decide based on feedback here) compared to the 8s? I would like to possibly pick up a pair on Friday before I head out to do a quick 22 mile overnight trip on Saturday.

Thanks in advance for any insight.


03-26-2015, 17:00
FWIW, I actually like the 9s and 10s better than the 8s and about the same as the 7s.

03-26-2015, 17:14
I have the 9's, never the 8's.
Per Brooks site, the 10's have a lower arch and slightly wider overall.
Looks like the toe protection is better on the 10's also.

03-26-2015, 17:16
I used the 7s in 2013 and have gone through two pairs of 8s, and currently on a third one. I have a few 9s that I'm going to be using on the PCT. From a comfort perspective, I feel like all of them are essentially the same. However, the 8s have a weaker design for the shoe lace eyelets which broke on a nearly brand new pair last year. Brooks sent me a replacement immediately but I've been kind of paranoid about the 8 eyelets ever since. This has been corrected with the 9s.

03-26-2015, 17:26
Thanks for the info. I'll try on both and see if either feels better.