View Full Version : REI Travel Down water protection

Just Tom
03-26-2015, 10:25
So I picked up an REI Travel Down 45 degree bag over the winter during one of the holiday sale to use as my fair-weather bag. I think it was about $85, which I thought was a good price for its stats (1lb13oz, 600 fill, Long, unzips to a blanket) and I often felt my regular bag was a bit overkill in the summer.

Anyway, my question is, is it worthwhile or even possible to try to use a DWR treatment to the shell? The bag is, I think, more intended as a "travel" sleepingbag as opposed to backpacking, so I don't think it has any water-shedding properties.

Here is the bag, for reference:



Just Tom
03-26-2015, 15:22
Actually, I should have read my own link. It does say that it is already DWR treated. I don't recall that from back when I bought it, but I guess I just missed it back then.