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03-29-2015, 19:06
My thought is this.

I would like a to have a traditional "parachute hammock"(no bug net) to hang when weather is nice.

However, I would like it to be waterproof, and fitted appropriately with "tie outs" on the perimeter so when the weather turns to rain, the hammock itself could have the carabiners that hold the gathered ends removed, thus creating a waterproof, rectangular, flat tarp that could be hung, creating weather protection then sleep on the ground.

Seems most hammocks are about 9' x 5'.....so it would work, although about 10' x 6' would be ideal....

I figure I could carry CCF pad for insulation in the hammock, then the same CCF goes to ground when in "Tarp Mode"...

Really the best of all....hammock when warmer and dry, tarp with great coverage when wet or colder, and not having to meess with UQ, etc...

Anyone know if such item already exists????

And ideally within my ultralight credentials of no more than like 11-13 ounces....

03-29-2015, 19:48
A waterproof hammock is the exact opposite of what you want. Your hammock body needs to be breathable. Condensation is no bueno.

03-29-2015, 19:54
Hmmm, good point...that is why I put it out there...feedback and comments needed...thanks

03-29-2015, 19:58
furthermore, no need to post this is 3 different subforums. you posted under general, gear talk, and hammock camping. no need mi amigo.

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03-30-2015, 00:55

03-30-2015, 14:12
I have toyed with the same thought of going to the ground as you. Mainly on Grassy Balds and City Park Tent area's. I have given up on the idea of a "Bathtub" Floor or using the hammock in ground mode, because of the breathability/waterproof situation, already mentioned. Instead, I am looking at making sure the tarp can be pitched in a "Tent" mode and doors closed to give as much protection as possible. Like you, the groundpad would be used the way it normally is and probably placed on top of automobile reflextec on top of the ground. I then plan on possibly purchasing and using an SOL Emergency Bivy. It weights 8 oz and doubles as a sleeping bag. A backpacker on You Tube swears by it and uses it as his main summer bag and has taken it down to the low 30's. I believe it was Revhiker if you want to search him. One other consideration, ZPacks sells Tarp Cups for the Trekking poles to get a more Taunt Ridgeline hang of the Tarp when staking to the ground. Hope this helps.