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04-02-2015, 09:25
I am a 63 year old section hiker from Massachusetts. Anytime after Saturday 4/4/15 I am heading to Hot Springs to continue where I left off at Lemon Gap N.C. My first goal is to complete the Tenn/N.C border section, and possibly treck on to Damascus. I have to be back in New England by 4/23/15. Here is my Question(s): 1. Should I fly to Ashville.... 2. Bus to ashville? 3. Rent a car to Ashville? 1. $400+- 2. @210+- 3.$275+- 4. how much is a shuttle to Hot springs from Ashville? How much is a shuttle to Lemon Gap from Hot Springs? Any information will be greatly appreciated and I hope to see you all out on the A.T. Thanks Pacecar

04-02-2015, 09:54
Lest see, it's about 200 miles between Hot Springs and Damascus and you have at most 19 days to do it in. Remove at least 2 days for traveling so make it 17 which works out to about 12 miles a day on average. Not too unreasonable if your in good shape.

Given you limited time frame, I'd fly. You can't afford to waste much time traveling. The bus is almost a 24 hour ride and you'd be a zombie when you get there and would need a day to recover. Driving would take 2 days.

Can't help you with the shuttle. When I had to get off at Hot Springs due to a medical condition, the owner of Bluff Mt outfitters drove me to Ashville for $50, but that was 5 years ago now. Not sure if he'd come get you or not.

04-02-2015, 12:21
In autumn I might be flying into Asheville and taking shuttle to Hot Springs for section hike, found a shuttle between airport (a good ways south of Asheville) and HS for $75 http://www.ashevilleairportshuttle.com/

04-02-2015, 13:53
Asheville is close to Hot Springs, sort of, but then you are just walking further away from the airport.

You might be better off getting a flight to Tri Cities Airport, which is near-ish to Damascus, and get a shuttle to Hot Springs. Then get a ride back when you are done hiking. Check with Lone Wolf here on WB for rates and availability; he know other shuttlers if he's not available.

04-02-2015, 20:07
Thanks for the input fellow hikers I am processing the info as I type.

04-02-2015, 22:48
Yikes, the plane ticket is $640 from Logan to Tri Cities in April. But that's probably not much more than gas, tolls, and an extra overnight in a motel or two.

Good luck and enjoy the hike.

04-03-2015, 09:47
It is possible to get to Johnson City, TN, by Greyhound. It wouldn't be quick, though. You might consider Amtrak to Roanoke (by connector bus from Lynchville, the southernmost stop on the Northeast Regional), spending the night in Roanoke, then catching a bus the next day. Johnson City is close to Erwin, and you might get a shuttle from 10-K to Hot Springs. See http://www.hikershuttles.com/costs.html for rates.

04-03-2015, 22:40
Taking bus to ashville and shuttling to hot springs 22 + hrs. $195 bucks $60 more for shuttle...... Hope to be hiking 4/6/15 thanks for your help again. Happy hiking!

04-03-2015, 22:46
Plan for a really short day when you get there. I've taken the bus down that way lots of times and your not going to get much of any sleep on the way. Too many pit stops in the middle of the night and likely a transfer or two. You usually get stuck in Richmond, VA for a few hours in the middle of the night.