View Full Version : Any update on CT sites?

04-02-2015, 13:48
Just checking if any updates.

Just Tom
04-02-2015, 15:45
What kind of updates are you looking for?

04-02-2015, 16:16
Not sure what you are looking for, but I have been up on and around the AT around the Mt. Sharon to Bear Mountain area. This is kind of an overview, but may not apply too far south, depending on elevation.

Two days ago there was still a forest wide solid snow pack at elevations over 1,000 feet on or near the AT, it was about 16" to 22" on northern exposed surfaces, southern exposures were rapidly breaking down.

Traveled portions of the trail were firm, but also decayed during the day. Warm temperatures and rain coming in the next few days will make the packed snow "monorail" on traveled trails punky and unreliable as a walking surface. Microspikes at minimum, snowshoes will likely be preferred if you are going up in elevation.

Snow off trail on north facing slopes was ice encrusted from the rain and hard freeze a week ago, but only marginally able to hold about 170 lb weight on snowshoes early in the morning after night temperatures near mid 20s. The crust decays rapidly during the day into unpredictable post holing in snowshoes. Conditions were in process of rapid decomposition and the old crust is likely gone or no longer able to support weight.

I have not seen any of the shelters. Traveled portions of the trail would indicate some use.

04-03-2015, 09:35
Wanted to know how much snow is left. Would like to do a few days end of April.

04-03-2015, 09:55
was looking to do this section at the end of this month too - salisbury to jug end. but this was what i suspected - lots of snow and ice and muddy conditions, and sages will likely be raging and hard to pass. so i changed my plans to a NY section which is lower elevation and less challenging terrain and going to do the CT-MA a month later or two so I can enjoy it in its full glory, and maybe even take a dip in the watering hole! If you do go, I would love to know what conditions you found. This has been a rough winter as you know. I was up in Meriden on Mt Higby on the Mattabessett/New England Trail last Saturday and not only was it snowing a lot during my hike but there was almost 8 inches of deep snow on the ground and lots of mud and rivers going through the trail. While I managed, it was a lot more work trudging through that and a little more scary on the ledges with the snowpack. But everyone's tolerances are different. I personally would do Bear Race and Everett on a day hike, but I wouldn't overnight in those conditions unless I had to because I was on a thru or long section with a strict time schedule to adhere to. I am itching to get out there too though so I am doing the northern part of NY in 3 weeks no matter what!

04-03-2015, 09:58
i'd say absolute minimum bring spikes. im doing a hike tomorrow in guilford on the NET and they are still recommended and were required last saturday. At some spots I even wish I had snowshoes.

04-03-2015, 12:53
Well I'm hoping by the end of April it will get better.

04-03-2015, 13:12
Amen. This sixty degree weather has me pining for the trail.

04-03-2015, 13:43
me too hawk, didnt mean to be a buzzkill. if you go, lmk how it is cause if its in good shape, i will move that trip up to may! and have fun man. pawling will be fun too, even if its not as pretty! can't wait.

Just Tom
04-03-2015, 14:46
Ditto, please report back conditions!

04-07-2015, 15:21
I would love any updates on trail conditions for this section as well. Thanks!

04-14-2015, 14:04
I am thinking of doing an overnighter soon, and I do not see anything about the Schaghticoke Campsite. Anything good bad or indifferent about that site? What is there?

Also concerned about ice/snow - would I experience any in southern Conn this week?

Just Tom
04-14-2015, 14:14
Cannot speak to weather conditions at the site right now, but I've over-nighted there. It feels nice and remote, and the coyotes were really active and noisy not too far off in the evening. Privy is open-air (I forget what that is called when there is no walls around the privy).

04-15-2015, 06:24
Conditions from Rt 52 over Ten Mile to Bulls Bridge were clear of snow and ice (including most of the forest floor) on 4/11.

04-15-2015, 09:31
Wridge, to your exact question - there isn't anything at Schagtikoke. No shelter, no tent platform, no bear-box, no nothin'. It's really just a clearing, you can see where the tent and hammock sites are supposed to be and the stream that runs nearby is very pretty and melodious to listen to, but it's a straight-up primitive campsite. I don't recall the privy being open-air but that might be. As you're headed north, the blue trail to the site is off to your left, right before a stream crossing, and it can be easy to miss.

I hope you like it! It's nice and you really feel like you "got away from it all."

Jane in CT

Just Tom
04-15-2015, 09:55
Howdy Jane! Jane's description is accurate, it is wonderfully primitive. The first tent site is slightly more separated from the others and IMO nicer, but is closer to the stream so a bit more buggy. The whole campsite is uphill at the left that Jane mentioned, but only 50 yards maybe so not far.

Just Tom
04-15-2015, 10:01
Only shot of the campsite (site # 1) I could find:


Some great views on this section: