View Full Version : Custom postcard recommendations?

04-02-2015, 14:49
Got caught up in normal world nonsense as soon as I finished the trail and forgot about all the postcards I promised to send upon finishing.

Now that it's already hiking season again, I really should get on top of that.

I know google is at the tip of my fingers but does anyone have a stellar recommendation? I was going to do a generic 1 photo Katahdyn picture but it would be nice to customize each and every postcard with a unique message and different photos along with my Katahdin shot.

Of course, I'm also not trying to go broke.

04-02-2015, 15:46
There is a great custom postcard app for phones that allow the picture to be from your Camera roll and you can customize the message. Price is around $1/card and they mail them for you. It is called TouchNote. I love it when traveling.