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Short Stride
11-07-2005, 13:32
I am hiking into Damascus for Thanksgiving. I am looking for a starting place south of town. My Map shows a road .. Harley Hollow Road that has access to the trail.. 30 miles or so south of Damascus.. does anyone have info about this location.. Thanks

the goat
11-07-2005, 13:35
L. Wolf undoubtedly does, shoot him a priv. message if he doesn't see this post. oh yeah, :welcome

The Solemates
11-07-2005, 16:01
just tack on an extra 10 miles and start at watauga. or tack on an extra 20 miles and start at dennis cove/kincorra, where you could spend your first night at the hostel. i did watauga to damascus into trail days and had a blast. the section is relatively easy, and i did it in 2.5 days, to give you a feel if you are pressed for time.

11-07-2005, 16:41
Yeh, what he said. I did Erwin to Damascus last year for T-Day, and the walk from Kincora or Wautauga was fantastic. Once you get up on the mountain above the lake, it is a pretty easy walk.

11-07-2005, 17:04
i hiked from 19e to damascus in 4 days in 2001 in early december,nice hike:cool: neo

11-07-2005, 19:44
I hiked past Hurley Hollow Road this summer and don't remember seeing it. If you can get 41 miles in I recommend starting at Watauga Lake on US 321. It's an easy hike all the way.

Short Stride
11-08-2005, 13:29
Thank you all for your help.. this will help me better plan and keep me from driving around in the dark looking for a place that does not exist. Thanks SS

11-08-2005, 18:58
It might be there, I just don't remember it. I do remember the power lines just past it according to me map. We parked a car where the AT crosses 91. Maybe you can start at 91, 21 miles out of town, line up a shuttle in town and hike 10 more miles.