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04-08-2015, 21:34
I posted this on the Trailspace forum and was hoping for some additional insight from you guys.

I'm looking for a new daypack! My budget is about $200, so I have a wide range of options. The problem is, I'm not seeing a ton of options out there that meet my needs.
What I'm hoping for:
-30 to 35 liter capacity, but I'll consider up to 40
-side pockets that will securely hold 1-liter bottles
-comfort up to 25ish lbs
-ski/snowshoe attachment
-top loading is preferred but not essential
-back ventilation is great, but not essential
-doesn't have to be ultralight (not as big a concern for me with a daypack)
I've looked at the Osprey Kestrel line and Mountainsmith Mayhem 35 packs in person. The Osprey looked and felt great, but the side pockets are worthless. The Mountainsmith checked off every box on the list, although the hipbelt is pretty skimpy. Like the Kestrel, the compression straps reach around the pack to secure awkward things like snowshoes. The trouble was the fit. Too big for my torso and shoulders. I've considered the Deuter Speed Lite 30, which has been discontinued but is still available online. I'm nervous about the mesh hipbelt, though.
Any other recommendations? I'm sure I'm missing a ton of options.

The Splitter
05-11-2015, 13:56
I just ran across this thread. I have a Kelty MAP 3500 that I picked up a few years ago and love it. It is my go to day pack and has everything you want except for the ski/snowshoe attachment although I'm not really sure what that is.

05-11-2015, 14:52
When looking at the Osprey line did you get to see the Exos series?

05-31-2015, 12:42
Maybe a bit over budget but this is an awesome pack in the size range you're looking for:

LEAF Arc'teryx Khard 30


I have one and I dig it.

05-31-2015, 13:36
ULA OHM 2.0. Under 2 pounds. Don't fill it up. Compress it around your load.


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Another Kevin
05-31-2015, 17:00
Tough Traveler Super Padre (http://www.toughtraveler.com/padre.asp) or High Exposure (http://www.toughtraveler.com/lug/bigback.asp) might be an option. I haven't tried either, but I have the Super Cay (the 25 litre size) and it works very well for me. I got the lady that runs the factory (she and my wife are friends) to make one with an ice axe loop and daisy chain. The water bottle pockets are usable even with the pack filled tight. The Super Cay carries well, even loaded heavy. I stuff mine with computer gear, books and water bottles for my walk to and from work, to keep my body used to carrying a load.

She really specializes in doing packs for the emergency services, but the ordinary ones are still good. I've been using the Super Cay on a daily basis - by which I mean every day, summer or winter, rain or snow or blazing sun, temperatures from -20F to +105F, .... for several years and it's still in fine shape to carry my gear.

Me with a Super Cay:

06-01-2015, 10:09
LL BEAN. AT 35 liter pack. Half your maximum budget. If you hate it after using it, you can return it. If you wear it out, you can return it. Heavier the the ULA Ohm 2.0 for half the price.