View Full Version : Hammocks good for back problems?

04-10-2015, 21:10
Are hammocks good for people with back issues? Mine doesn't give me a lot of trouble, but I broke it a few months ago and wondered if a hammock would be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground??

I do tend to like sleeping on my side as well.


04-10-2015, 21:11
How the heck do you edit a post here??

That should have said, "My back doesn't give me a lot of trouble, but I fractured it a few months ago..." Sounded awkward when I read over it.

04-10-2015, 22:08
How the heck do you edit a post here??

That should have said, "My back doesn't give me a lot of trouble, but I fractured it a few months ago..." Sounded awkward when I read over it.
You have to be a donating member to edit. Otherwise, just clarify with another post as you did.

You would have to try a hammock to find out. Everybody's back is different. I've had three herniated disk and find a hammock somewhat more comfortable, but even so I sometimes just use an inflatable pad and go to ground, especially if hiking with others who will use shelters.

04-10-2015, 23:12
Can speak only for moi, but once I got the hang of it, a hammock made the difference - got a better night's sleep and did not wake up with a stiff back. They may not save the world, but hammocks will save your back. That bein' said, they aren't for everyone. Try one a few times with someone who is familiar with proper deployment, and see how it goes. Also, check out hammockforums.net for more info.

Damn Yankee
04-10-2015, 23:52
I switch back and forth depending on the circumstances or how my back feels. I find it harder and harder to get in and out of a tent now so will give the hammock thing a realistic try. I do find however that you end up carrying more weight because of needed a little bit more gear. Hammock, tree straps and suspension, tarp, top and under quilt and pad. You can however lighten the load by buying lighter gear and suspension and CF tarp. As far as being a side sleeper, I have read that most people who side sleep use a bridge hammock for a flay lay allowing for side sleeping. I tend to toss and turn so it will be interesting to see how my Hennessey works out.

Hang R
04-11-2015, 06:20
I was in an car accident which causes issues with my back. I tried a hammock and it did make a huge difference for sleeping. I sleep so much better now in the hammock. I am also a side sleeper but tend to like sleeping on my back more in the hammock but can roll to my side if I like. If you try a gathered end hammock look at the length and width carefully. Trying to get too small of one for your size will lead to uncomfortable sleeping.

04-11-2015, 07:26
Is a hammock more comfortable?......hmmm. I do both, sometimes I like my ground shelter (Tarptent moment or my Solong 6), and sometimes I like my hammock. Is it more comfortable? Depends on how you sleep, sometimes I sleep ike a baby in mine and sometimes I toss and turn. My well be a good idea for an ailing back (I have lower back pain), but maybe not great if you're a stomach sleeper unless you get a wide hammock that can be used in the 'real' Brazilian style. Like DY, I find it more and more of a chore to get up and crawl outta my ground shelter in teh middle of the night. I will say I've never awakened in a mud puddle while in a hammock.

04-11-2015, 07:50
You will just have to try it out set one up in your back yard . I use both and I think a Hammock would cause more pressure on the back but that could be a good thing or bad . I know it took awhile for me to get used to sleeping in it tho.

04-11-2015, 09:24
I have had back surgery and for me...
I sleep on the ground when I'm with my spouse and when I'm solo I always use my hammock. Personally I find the hammock much more comfortable and I get the best nights sleep. But I usually due 2-4 night trips and have not slept in a hammock night after night for an extended period of time. For my 2016 thru hike I'm taking my hammock setup which includes a Warbonnet Superfly Tarp which can easily be used as a tarp tent to go to ground. I like keeping my options open. 5-6 month is a long time and I may feel like going to ground for some reason or another and I have that option. It is probably important to point out that I am not like the majority of hangers in that I do not use an Under quilt. I use pads for my insulation which also allows me to go to ground or use shelters if I ever want to. I don't plan to use shelters except in Smokies where required and can't see going to ground because the hammock is so comfy. But I'm also not making a decision that forces me to do one or the other. Everyone is different. Think of your comfort level and needs and then the possibilities that will sat if those needs and then go to the back yard or do some over nighters and give it/them a try.

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