View Full Version : NEMO Hornet 2P

The Splitter
04-16-2015, 21:42
I'm thinking of purchasing this tent for doing some serious solo backpacking (many multi day to month long section hikes) and wanted to see what the folks here thought of it. To me it seems very versatile with its extreme light weight, small packed size as well as being free standing. I currently use a MSR Hubba Hubba and while it's been a good tent, it seems extremely heavy in comparison to today's shelters. I haven't thought much of its weight lately as my girlfriend doesn't carry much in her pack so she usually packs the tent, however, I'm going to be venturing out onto the trail a lot more by my self and want a ultralight shelter.

I considered the one person version but I think for just a few more oz I'd like the extra room of the 2P as I'm a little bigger ( 6ft 1in 190 lbs) and I also prefer to sleep with my gear in the tent.

I've looked at a lot of tents and wrote most of them off due to weight, not being free standing or being the wrong color. Color is very important to me as I prefer to stealth camp when possible so I prefer to avoid bright colors. I also considered the Mountain Hardware Hunker 4 season tent for its durability and color but at 6 lbs it seems way to heavy.

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