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04-19-2015, 23:04
What kind of maps are thru hikers or section hikers using? What do I need to buy?

04-20-2015, 02:12
I have a set of ATC maps.

04-20-2015, 05:14
If thru-hiking AWOL's guide (and maps if desired) or the ALDHA Companion are generally what most thru-hikers carry. Many might also have ALDHA's app for smartphone and/or a set of ATC's maps, though most probably don't carry the maps or bounce the ones they aren't using ahead or home). You can google all of those.
For section hiking I like the guides and maps published by the individual trail clubs for the area (like the AMC's White Mountain Guide for example), but I'm also a big fan of Nat Geo Trails Illustrated maps for the area I'm hiking, as they show all the trails in the area and are really good for planning and navigation.

Another Kevin
04-20-2015, 11:00
I'm mostly a weekender, so I can carry detailed maps for where I'm going.

NatGeo's Trails Illustrated are OK, they're what I use in the Adirondacks.

For the NY/NJ/CT part of the trail, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference maps are terrific for short hikes. (They'd be a lot of paper to carry for a long one.) They have all the side trails, lots of points of interest marked, the georeferencing is good, and they're clear to read.

For electronic maps, I don't like anybody's, so I make my own. It was a Catskill project that got out of hand. This map has grown to encompass from Pine Grove Furnace to Katahdin (http://kbk.is-a-geek.net/catskills/test3.html?la=41.1994&lo=-74.3862&z=13), so it's about half the Trail. I download the sections I want to my phone before I go so that I won't need a network connection when I'm Out There.