View Full Version : Sea to summit ultralight pad!.

04-21-2015, 19:00
I have been searching for a comfortable pad for a long time. I was using a thermarest womens prolite out of necessity. Was having a hard time finding an air pad that was wide/long enough for someone who is 6'2 with wide shoulders. But every pad I found that met these requirements took too long to fill up, and just as long to deflate.

Well I decided to pull the trigger on a sea to summit ultralight insulated pad in long. Just received it and I can say that I am very happy with its construction and design. The design allows me to fill it up in less than a minute, and deflate it in about .1 seconds.

I look forward to testing the pad in the backcountry this weekend. And can already recommend it for someone of my build.

Pastor Bryon
04-21-2015, 21:18
Keep us posted. I will be shopping for one next month and wondered about them. Thanks.