View Full Version : Leki micro vs speedlock series

04-23-2015, 16:15
I have been using Leki Super Makalu poles for a quite some time.
They have the anti shock spring feature in the upper section of the staff.

I have never really like them due to the clicking. I do like the cork grips though. Even in the lock out position they still click.

I have narrowed it down the Thermolite XL or the Micro Vario Ti Cor-tec.

What say you on which one I should try/buy?
What is the material (colored area) at the top of the thermolite grip? Hard plastic or rubber like? Soft?
Should I stick with the cork?
Any disadvantage to the micro series....worried they might make a clicking sound as well as my SM due to the spring and material inside the poles.

Sure wish there was a place close by to put my hands on both.

04-24-2015, 13:16
I also used Leki Super Makalu poles until I finally wore them out. After research and trips to my local REI to compare Leki’s and Black Dimaond’s current offerings, I went with the Leki Corklite Trekking poles. I still strongly prefer the cork grips. The speedlocks have proven to be really easy to work and have not given me any problems. To date, I have no regrets in my choice.

Maui Rhino
04-24-2015, 15:34
I use the Leki Micro Vario Ti poles, and absolutely love them.... Worth every penny. There is no clicking noise because the Kevlar cable that ties the sections together is under spring tension when the pole is extended. I love the foam Aergon grip, but it didn't leave any room for duct tape on the upper section. My solution was to cut a 2.25 inch wide strip of lightweight plastic to wrap around the very bottom of the extended grip (which I never use anyway) and wrap the tape around it. As a bonus, the spool of tape can now spin, without having to spin the entire pole to unwind tape.