View Full Version : Big Bald Bypass trail

04-24-2015, 21:47
I'm starting my section hike tomorrow, Sams Gap to Greasy Creek Hostel doing about 10 miles a day for 5 days. Will be driving down from Cincinnati, parking at Greasy Creek, shuttling to Sams Gap, hoping to be hiking around 3-3:30pm.....Right as the big storm bad weather is supposed to be hitting. Calling for strong to severe thunderstorms Saturday 5-9pm.

My initial plan was to camp either at Low Gap 3.7m past Sams Gap, or hump it up to Bald Mtn shelter 7.7m from Sams Gap. So, for those familiar with the area, some questions. 1. If we decide to goto the shelter, in thunderstorms, we should take the bypass, right? Tell me about it. 2. One of my worst nights on the AT was tenting in 40+mph sustained winds at Walnut Mtn shelter. Is Bald Mtn shelter better protected from the wind? Its supposed to be way windy. 3. What would you do? Im no weather weenie, but I aint stupid either. Thanks, Bigben

The Cleaner
04-24-2015, 22:38
There used to be a blue blazed trail on your right as you approach Big Bald from the south.And yes I'd take it if the weather is bad. The trail over the bald is very exposed and you would be a lightening target too.The shelter is about 1 mile past the bald and is in the woods but will still be windy but better than a tent in severe weather.Its a double deck bunk and you may be able to find a dry spot unless already crowded when you get there. Good luck.