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Spit Walker
04-26-2015, 10:22
I am thinking about taking a position with a wilderness therapy company. The lifestyle seems to fit what I am looking for. Not a whole lot of details about the job that I could find ( tho I have a overall good ideal of the nature). It seems I will be going cross country for some training and after that they will offer or not offer the job. So there is some risk going all the way out without a for sure position. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about WinGate?? How should I choose the company I want to work for when there are so many and info seems hard to come by??

FYI I do think I am perfect for the position and truely want to make a difference.
Will take any info on the subject.

Thanks Whiteblaze as always.
Spit Walker

04-26-2015, 21:37
Get your WFR certification if you don't have it already, a lot of people have gotten jobs without it but your application is better and you typically will either start at a higher pay grade or advance faster to it with that cert. not sure where you're Iocated but SOLO in Conway NH was a great school for this, learned a ton that I've already used multiple times on my thru. I'm looking at applying to these programs after my thru so unfortunately I don't have any firsthand experience but I've done a bit of research and talked a lot to the SOLO instructors with connections to the biz. Can't offer much about Wingate, I heard high praises of Summit Achievement in ME. Mixed reviews about True North in VT, I gather that on some level they encourage their staff partying hard as a primary way to relieve stress from the field. I've heard one of their staff houses referred to as a "tweaker den" by a current employee. But, I've heard other accounts that didn't reflect that so YMMV. Alaska Crossings is a unique program with the 40 something day field session. That's about all I got, ask me in a year and maybe I can tell you more??

04-26-2015, 21:55
I have worked as a wilderness therapy guide, although not for that specific program. Much of my knowledge will be generalized because of that. Can take PMs or phone calls if that helps.

It's very rewarding work. Good community and good self care are keys to enjoying it. I love my coworkers, staff, and students.

Good luck!

Spit Walker
04-27-2015, 09:23
Thank you both! I will keep checking this thread for additional Info! Meriadoc, I may very well send you a PM or two! The water I'm jumping into soon is becoming clear.