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04-28-2015, 20:25
I'm in full pre-hike mode, picking up this and that before this year's section hike, and I'm also trying to plant my garden before I leave. I went to Michael's for big popsicle sticks (which I use to label plants), and of course I looked around, just in case. Michael's carries paracord in many lengths and colors (16, 21, and 100 ft.) as well as little zipper-closing plastic bags in various configurations. These are intended for storing beads, but I'll be using them for coffee, pills, condiments, etc. Prices were reasonable, and of course, you don't have to pay for delivery. I have no affiliation with this store; just want to let people know about what I found there.

Teacher & Snacktime
04-28-2015, 21:04
The zipper bags for jewelry are available in multiple sized at Walmart....1.00 for 100 and 3 different sizes available....we use them in the trail magic bags for the ibuprofen, cotton balls, etc. They have the paracord too. Prices are better than Michaels :D

04-28-2015, 21:07
I shop at micheals sometimes for those little baggies also. Though lately ive been using a Tylenol travel tube. For me it works better. But thanks for the heads up

04-29-2015, 19:40
Thanks I'll check that out

04-30-2015, 07:39
those travel tubes for "vitamin I" hold 21 ibuprofren pills. . .at 22 the cap wont turn to close.