View Full Version : Norovirus may spread through the air

05-03-2015, 10:38

To summarize- researchers measured concentrations of airborne Norovirus in hospitals at 1 meter from a Norovirus patient, at the patient door, and at nursing stations. A majority of those sites had significant concentrations of Norovirus to infect a person. Per the article, it's still unknown whether actual transmission via airborne particles is possible or not. Although researchers hypothesize airborne transmission explains why outbreaks are so hard to contain.

To editorialize- another reason to avoid shelters.

05-03-2015, 13:44
You should also be very careful and keep clear when someone is vomiting, it is definitely airborne at that moment. From what I saw last year there was a lot of carelessness when it came to noro. It seemed like a lot of people got it just before Damascus last year, myself included but the way people acted once on the up-mend made me scratch my head. My favorite was one of the gals just 3 days after being violently ill was headed to the pizza buffet because...she just couldn't pass it up. I heard the same thing sitting outside of "The Homeplace" restaurant in Catawba, "I know I shouldn't be doing this but I just couldn't pass it up"... of course I should have said something but I just kept my mouth shut. Norovirus can be contagious for up to a week after you get it, my best advice is to steer clear of groups and keep to yourself for at least a week after the onslaught, sounds simple enough but hardly anyone has the will or common courtesy to do it.