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05-04-2015, 12:51
Hi all. I am reaching out to other hikers who are using Facebook to chronicle their time on the trail. I decided not to use a blog or Trail Journal.com. I instead opted for Facebook just because it was a format I was more familiar with. Here's a link if you're interested in following my journey.
(I'm a HF->ME HF->GA Flip flopper and just got started.)

If you have a Facebook page and are interested in having others follow your journey as well, perhaps you will post the link in this thread for others so that they can follow you.
Happy trails,

05-12-2015, 20:38
Follow DangerDave at Facebook Group "Danger on the Appalachian Trail". Select "Join" and I will approve you. Doing a Flip Flop out of Harpers Ferry, started May 3rd.

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No Directions
05-12-2015, 22:17
Thanks for the link. I'll be following. Good luck.