View Full Version : Changes near Caledonia SP

Spirit Walker
05-05-2015, 22:31
The small grocery that used to be within walking distance of Caledonia State Park is now a church. The sign says they welcome hikers, but that won't get you groceries. There is a Rutters mini-mart about a mile from the park that would get you through a few days if you don't want to hitch to Walmart.

The pizza place that was 1/4 mile from the park is now a barbeque place. They still have ice cream.

05-22-2015, 06:09
The barbecue place - McCollum's - serves really good barbecue sandwiches, has a friendly staff, and the gentleman who owns it is a great person - welcoming feedback, talking with customers, etc. Worth the visit. The hostel - the Trail of Hope Ministries - is not horrible, but the guy who owns it has too many things on his plate right now and the hostel still needs significant work - is not really ready for prime time yet imho. Shuttles from there are pretty expensive as well.