View Full Version : Tent camping near Bald Mountain & No Business Knob Shelters

05-06-2015, 19:32
Do anyone know the tent camping situation near both Bald Mountain and No Business Knob shelters? Thanks for any help.

05-06-2015, 19:42
There are a few places near Big Bald shelter but I would say there are plenty near No Business.

Good thing as well No Business is a nasty little shelter, or at least my impression of it was that


05-06-2015, 21:05
Bald Mountain a few very good flat sites. & No Business Knob Shelters has a ton of good camping but look up lots of widow makers ie dead trees to stay away from. Get water prior to getting to No business knob count 3 creeks the 3rd is the last to get water unless you do not mind walking downhill to the water.

Tennessee Viking
05-07-2015, 12:15
Last I recall, tenting may not be permitted around Bald Mtn Shelter. There are the balds and a campsite 0.5 miles north of the shelter.

No Business has a few sites. There are also some sites around Devils Creek Gap crossing just along the gated forest roads.

full conditions
05-07-2015, 14:04
The fields just north of Big Bald are replete with wonderful, albeit dry, campsites. You can always tank up at breakfast down at the shelter.