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11-11-2005, 02:15
Since we still have a thread... What are we doing how are we adjusting now that we are finished or off the trail? Post trail commentary etc...

Me, I'm living with family and working at an outfitter- sounds cliché.
I'm getting into trip leading and generally staying outside. I don't know that I'm different post trail, but there are many things that are not as important and others that are more so. I really miss the community of the trail and the simple goal orientated lifestyle.

11-11-2005, 08:12
I'm back to my job that I took the leave of absence from. Full time.

Missed the trail for awhile after we finished and couldn't decide what to do with ourselves and the days off, so we did what felt right and that was to go to trailheads and serve up a bit of trailmagic and see who was still out there walking North! It was great seeing a few folks that we hadn't seen since the far south, get their e-mails, almost felt like part of the trail again, but it wasn't the same.

I wasn't overly excited to hike either (and I looove to hike!!) If I did hike, I wanted to be near the AT. But it's been almost 3 months now and that feeling has faded. I have today off and I'm going for a hike, not near the AT! I've recovered!! :)

The scary part is, I'm pretty comfy with hitching rides off strangers now. Eek! But there is always another trail..........waiting to be hiked! Just have to find the right one and the right time! I'm also working on a big scrapbook of all the photos, kinda living it all over again! But, ya, that was fun! 2174.9 miles of FUN!


11-11-2005, 11:46
We are back in Colorado. I'm back at the job I took a leave of absence from, and happy to be here. My wife is trying something new, working long distance with her Dad selling Native American crafts, etc on ebay (http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZcrystalmld01QQssPageNam eZFAVQ3aFQ3aSLLR).

We still love hiking, and continue to hike around here, although not as much as we had been doing pre AT. Although we will probably work up to it, as we love hiking, and are thinking about finishing the 250 miles we have left of the colorado trail this summer or next. But no plans for another long distance hike.

We are definitely still adjusting, and are having a hard time dealing with it all. We both feel like we need to go back to Katahdin on a good day to see it again, and get some closure that we missed because of the all craziness of theau end, and meeting family.


11-14-2005, 13:17
Hi Chickety, and Gravity glad I met both of you out there this year. I am home in MI going to school, looking for a part time job. I am going to try to get into the radiology program next year; I have a bunch of science classes to take first. As far as hiking I miss it I am kind of kicking my self for not sticking around Maine for a couple more weeks after I finished. I am going hiking next week for a few days not sure where yet but I will have to drive because, there is nothing to do in southeast MI. I am planning to do the Long Trail next summer then most likely then meeting up with Flying Turtle and doing some more of the AT so he can finish the trail up.


11-14-2005, 14:00
well, I moved to DC from Massachusetts, following a job that I applied for while I was on the trail. (I did my interview over the phone from Miss Janet's!) The adjustment has been really rough. Working in an office full time - something I've never really done. Dealing with politics all the time, and the kind of people on The Hill.

Have seen a few friends from the trail, and it makes me momentarily happy, then sad. Gotten to go out to SNP a couple of times, and have had nice hikes. I hope others are doing well.

neighbor dave
11-18-2005, 20:24
bangin' nails,and whackin' trailless peaks. glad to have met youz guyz!!!:banana :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :clap :clap :banana :banana

Butch Cassidy
12-11-2005, 00:08
Hello everone, I finnished the trail July 28th and went to work flying Medevac 6 helo out of West chester PA. Aug. 15th. I plan to do the Pinhoti in Feb looking at doing the rest of the Long Trail in July. 2007 brings The PCT or another AT hike this time with my son.. Of course I miss the Trail and the lifestyle. :sun Paladin Ga/Me 05 Feb. 27 to JUl. 28. 152 days a lifetime of memories. See Ya. :-?

12-11-2005, 10:06
Paladin! Read your register entries at various points, and was sorry never to have met you! I'm considering doing the long trail myself this August. We'll see! Enjoy the walk!

-Jay GA>ME '05

Red Hat
04-10-2008, 19:45
Well it's 2008 and a whole lot of us are back on the trail or planning to soon be. For a few examples: Cuppa Joe and Gypsy Lulu and several others are heading to the PCT. Butterfly Moon is on the AT again. I'll be heading sobo this year in July. Can't keep us off that trail!

07-13-2008, 22:18
I am in Alaska, it is chilly and raining. I can't bear to think of winter just yet ! hiking the tahoe rim trail in sept and hopefully the azt next spring. the cdt continues to elude me. i was hoping next year but ailing dogs have me questioning being gone for 5 to 6 months... but, it is in my future i hope....:)

07-20-2008, 11:51
I started on 3-27-05 and summitted Katahdin on 7/20/05 (my 50th birthday) along with Boomerang, Biscuits and Scrubs. Sold my house in NY the following year and moved to Maine. Living on a quiet island in the Penobscot Bay summers and traveling in the cold winter months. Hoping to hike the Bigelows this summer if I get the time and inclination. Going to hike the 100 mile wilderness in '10 with some '05 alumni and hopefully recreate our summit on 7/20/10. Yappy...send me some King Salmon! (we slackpacked together from Miss Janet's....)

07-23-2008, 11:44
I had red salmon last night. YUMMY is all i have to say..:) got it from a friend as well as some halibut but we need to go fishing and get some for winter. My husband only cares about freaking golding right now and not fishing which is very troubling as he loves to fish.. haha. i have'nt gone anywhere yet this summer in the state.. another summer gone too.

07-24-2008, 06:47
My family went for a week in Costa Rica and explored the Rain Forest. It was fun but you know, to me, some parts of the AT were just as pretty and interesting as the Rain Forest...

Dirty Harry
07-28-2008, 17:43
I just finished GAME 08, I got to NY in 05 on an attempt. PCT 09!

neighbor dave
09-28-2008, 12:27
just finished the P.C.T.!!! 9-8-08:banana

09-28-2008, 15:03
Just relaxing, getting ready to head back to work in about 2 weeks (finished the thru on 9-11-08)

Also working on starting a business up. going good so far.

Also just getting some time to myself, have not talked to many of my fellow thru hikers lately or family or anyone else, just want to relaxe and stare at the clouds.

10-30-2008, 17:27
See this thread about TDS (Jason Bivin)
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10-09-2010, 01:03
first time i've been on this site in a very long while. maybe i got a little nostalgic.

i did GAME05 after a failed attempt in 04. moved to North Carolina and eventually quit my job to get my Masters degree in Parks and Recreation. now i'm in Austin looking for my first job in the field.

i miss thru-hiking but don't really think i'd long-distance hike again. instead i kayaked 200 miles on the Yukon River to feed that adventure bug. planned the whole thing but just didn't make it.

of course i say i wouldn't hike again, but the PCT would sure be cool.......


Red Hat
10-09-2010, 12:37
Sal, I am glad you revived us... I did 2089 miles on the AT this year, getting off at Third Mtn in Maine. I hiked SOBO for a little over 100 miles in 2008 (see my previous post). I am getting back to normal, but heading to the Gathering to catch up with hiker friends. Kutsa did the whole thing again this year and I saw Knees out there.

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