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05-07-2015, 14:04
I'm hoping someone out there knows Maine's AT well.
I am looking for information on the Bald Mtn Road. Looks like we can access by taking the Boise-Cascade road out of Caratunk to Lake Moxie and take theShirley Tote Road out of Lake Moxie, taking a right onto Maheux Road and then onto Bald Mtn Rd that crosses the AT. This access point would be just north of the Moxie Bald Lean-to.
Our hope is to hike S. on AT back to Moxie Pond Road.
There isn't any info in the AT book for Maine on this. I also have "Exploring the AT" and that may mention that you cross a dirt road but no info on it and even the " Thru Hikers companion" book doesn't mention it, so I'm wondering if that is not a good access point.
Other than the 3 books I mentioned does anyone no of other books that may help us. We really don't want to backpack this!
Any help on this would be very appreciated.

Wolf - 23000
05-07-2015, 15:22
I don't know about any books/maps that would have the information but I use to live in The Forks, ME for a short time - taking AT hikers across the Kennebec River. To answer your question, yes there is a fairly traveled road just passed Moxie Bald Lean-to. From Caratunk head towards The Forks. It's been a few years but there is a dirt road close to the general store about 6 miles up. There was also a wooden sign on the right hand side for Moxie Pond. Take it. It a dirt road but does have some house along the lake. The AT is about a mile after you cross a wooden bridge.

It's about 20 minute drive from Caratunk.

Hope this helps.


05-07-2015, 19:57
The Delorme Gazeteer road atlas is what you need. It show both public and private roads and also shows blocked roads

05-07-2015, 20:54
I'll check on that one, thx for your help Wolf

05-07-2015, 20:56
Yes, I do have that Gazeteer and I have the most recent ones but sometimes I don't think that they have been updated to much or just reprinted them. Thx for your input!