View Full Version : Starting a Youtube channel/blog?

05-08-2015, 11:12
I've been a big fan of a handful of Youtube channels from guys hiking/backpacking and just doing outdoorsy things. I've recently been thinking about starting that myself, as I think it might be fun. I know there are a lot more channels and blogs out there that I haven't even seen yet, so do you guys think I would just be flooding the market so to speak? I don't want to be just another guy talking about hiking. Maybe that doesn't matter though, and I should just do what I want (HYOH)? What do you think? Would you watch another channel about hiking/camping/whatever?

05-11-2015, 10:13
No thoughts?

05-11-2015, 10:17
Don't watch any now, so one more makes zero diff to me.