View Full Version : Shenandoah NP Camp Store update

05-08-2015, 15:26
fwiw, I just did a section hike thru Shenandoah NP, and the Loft Mountain camp store was not open yet. It's undergoing renovations, they said it won't be open til May 21st. However, the Loft Mtn. Wayside was open, and has the best blackberry shakes! Met some of the early NoBo thrus up there that had started in early March. Few trail names I recall: Moment, Freeballs, Bandit, Second Guess

Big crowds of locals out camping last weekend at the park campgrounds, and many local section and day hikers ....they said it had been the nicest spring weekend yet, pretty long, cold winter for the folks up that way. Beautiful park, hope to get back up there in the fall and hike some more.

highly recommend "Mobile Mike" for shuttle service in the Front Royal area, was a real pleasure getting to meet him and talk. Also recommend Teahorse Hostel in Harpers Ferry, great place to stay. Saw a lot of pics at ATC of NoBo hikers already thru HF.