View Full Version : Closing 2005 Usergroup

11-11-2005, 15:40
I hope every 2005 thruhiker completed their through hike. We know that some of you did not. But hopefully you all walked away with something from it whether you completed your hike or not.

We are going to close this group now. There is not since in keeping it open not that the 2005 hiking season is coming to an end. We will leave the forum up but it will now be open to the public and no longer a private forum.

If anyone has any real problem with this please post it in response to this message here. I will not close this and make it public for a couple of days at least. This will give time for those to respond that may have a problem with what we are going to do.

neighbor dave
11-18-2005, 20:21
we had a blast!!! yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!:banana :clap :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump thanks!!